Reasons for Investing in a Pedestal Paving System

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Constructing a building involves a lot of work. Residential and commercial buildings should be in the right condition for use by tenants. It is important to ensure that water drains off well after it has rained. If the water does not flow off, it might cause damage to your building over time. Property owners use deck pedestals to improve the aesthetics of their homes. Pedestal systems are very popular because they offer the following benefits.
Easy to install
The cost of building is increased by the amount of workforce needed. Only a few people need to be hired because installing pedestals is easy. As long as the project is being handled by experienced people, it will be completed within a very short time. The process is not complicated and anyone can learn quickly. It involves placing the pedestals without the need of construction work.
There are many other materials used for the same purpose. The paver system has proved to be the best among all options in the market. It is made of high quality material that guarantees long life. Very few repairs and maintenance will be required as they do not break easily. Other options may be cheap initially but they will require your constant attention after installation.
Easy to replace
When a breakage occurs, it is easy to replace the damaged piece. You just need to buy a replacement and remove the broken part. There will be no need of interfering with other areas not affected. The pedestals are sold in local stores, so it is easy to find a replacement. There are many people who can be hired to replace the new piece if you are not able to do it on your own.
Personalized design
People love to have their personality reflect on their homes. You can select a design for the pavers that meet your taste and preference. If you do not like the color of the pavers, you can ask the manufacturer to use a color of your choice. It will make your home even more attractive if the pavers match well with your interior design.
Prevents water damage
If you live in a wet area, you need to protect your home from water damage. The pedestal paving system is ideal in the prevention of water damage. It prevents water to be trapped in your building. Instead, it allows it to flow off. Water damage can cause very serious problems if not fixed early. The cost of fixing water damage can be very high.
Noise reduction
People working in offices want a calm environment so that they can concentrate on their work. The paver system is elevated and thus acts as a buffer against noise. Your tenants will be happy with such addition as there will be few not interruptions.
East to maintain
The pedestals need to be cleaned regularly. They do not require special care. You can have them cleaned during normal domestic cleaning routines. Special cleaning may be necessary occasionally to maintain their attractiveness.
Energy conservation
When a wood deck pedestal system is used, it improves energy conservation. In hot seasons, it prevents the heat getting into the building. When temperatures drop, heat will be trapped inside the house thus requiring less energy to keep it warm.

5 Reasons why you should choose a wood deck pedestal system

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The deck behind the house is probably most people’s favorite hanging spot when they want an outdoor experience. Due to this, a deck is one of the important features that people look for when shopping for a home. In building a deck a pedestal is one of the most important parts if not the most important because it is essentially what holds it in place. Deck pedestals are made from different materials ranging from metal, PVC and wood. Before the modern technological advancements wood was the most common and popular pedestal system material. This is rightfully so because a wood deck pedestal system offers the following benefits.

· Cheap to buy and install

Compared to other types of pedestals available, wood pedestals are relatively cheap. This might be attributed to the fact they are rather easier to make as they don’t have require designs. This simplicity also makes them easier to install and you can do it yourself without having to hire a professional.

· Strong and Durable

Contrary to what many people think, wood is very strong and durable. If the pedestals are made using good type of wood and the wood is properly treated then the system will last for a very long time. Wood is very strong and can take a lot of weight meaning you don’t have to worry about your deck caving in.

· Environmentally friendly

Natural wood is 100% bio-degradable and hence it has little to none negative impact on the environment. Without considering the tree that it came from because most wood nowadays come from forest farms, this can also be a good way for you to contribute to environment conservation.

· Best for uneven Landscape

You can easily adjust the shape and size of your wood pedestal to conform to uneven or sloped landscape. This will help you to build a deck that easily blends in with the landscape instead of building a very flat one that looks out of place.

· Little maintenance

Wood pedestal paving system requires little maintenance after installation. Provided you used good quality wood you might even not be required to do any maintenance on them for their lifetime. This will save you a lot of money and time in the long run while also ensuring that your deck remains stable for a long time.

To make sure you enjoy the comfort of your deck for a very long time wood pedestals would be a good choice. You not only get that natural look but you also save some money in the process.

The modern way of beautifying your premises

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With innovation and advancement at its best in every aspect of our surrounding world, no doubt one can find as much uniqueness and variation in the deck pedestals as well today, that offers flexibility in manufacture and design to create unique and versatile outdoor spaces, roofs, terraces, decks, balconies and floors. The range of variety is quite extensive; one can choose between endless material surfaces from wood tiles, deck joist system, to steel and fiberglass, or ceramic, glass, composite tiles, marble, granite, or paver pedestals. The wood deck pedestal system work the best around pools, at villas and garden premises. Moreover, the pedestal systems are now created using modern techniques that allow height adjustments for proper drainage in case of plaza or roof decks. Also, these are made of environment friendly materials and are very safe.

The paver pedestal system is perfect and applicable for single- ply and protected membrane decks. It supports balcony decks, pedestals for catwalks, mechanical access walks, roof- mounted piping, patios, arenas, roof gardens, promenades, plaza decks etc. It is applicable to both residential and commercial premises.

The advantages of using modern pedestal paving system include:

Cost effectiveness: With more and more residential and commercial projects, pedestal paving system has become very affordable, saving you lots of money on lightweight pedestals as well as shipping, if included.

Strong: Most of the deck pedestal systems now use interlocking support to level pavers or other materials. This interlocking mechanism turns any difficult slopes, if present, into level surfaces, which in turn transforms them into usable space. These pedestals can withstand loads of up to 11,000 to 12,000 lbs.

Variety: These pedestals are available in different shapes, colors, and textures that only give an amazing and stunning ambiance to the premises.

Easy installation: One of the best advantages is that these systems are very quick and easy to install. They also allow easy removal, thus the underlying layers are easily accessible in case any repair is required.

Adjustable height: The pedestal systems used nowadays offer adjustable heights, which enables decks to be installed easily. One single pedestal often allows height adjustment in a range between 2” to 3”. Extra height is provided with the use of a taller base or central screwed column at the lower end and in the places where even greater height is required, an extension element is added between the base and the central screwed column. The lowest height of a typical adjustable pedestal is 1 1/2”.

Durablity: As water can be drained out properly out of these systems without any obstruction, it ensures a healthy and long- life to these pedestals.

Prevention of water damage: Any pedestal damage or membrane deterioration is prevented, as there is no question of water entrapment.

Improved heat insulation: Heat conductivity is highly reduced due to the elevation of pedestals, which leads to better air circulation, and thus, the membranes are kept from expanding & the insulation heat efficiency is well maintained.

Other advantages include: Reduction of sound transmission, no bedding sand required, Elimination of algae and efflorescence and low maintenance.